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Participate in a “Futuristic Business Opportunity”

Celebrate with YAGEN ROBOTICS new journey Tomorrow

Futuristic Business –    By 2030 AI and robotics will be taking 85 million jobs from humans. This is the time to be part of something which has everlasting effects in the coming years.

Profitability – With a one-time investment your school/college will be part of a few institutes to provide future ready courses in this field. With high demand for robotic and AI classes, your  business becomes future secure.

Growth – The AI Robotics market is expected to grow from USD 6.9 billion in 2021 to USD 35.3 billion by 2026. Become a part of our company today and witness the growth.


We've kept some basic criteria in mind when it comes to becoming a partner with Yagen Robotics. We've compiled a list of a few for your convenience. Having knowledge and understanding of working with schools and colleges. We are looking for at least 5 years of experience in this field. Having an effective sales team to expand and work along with the yagen robotics team. A solid financial base to support and expand the business. Industry understanding and networking to strengthen business relationships. Having technical knowledge would be an asset.

Become “ Yagen Partner” today

Join us in this journey and become part of the change. Please fill out the form and we will contact you soon.


    FAQ ?

    1. How do I become a Yagen Partner?
    You can become a YAGEN PARTNER by fulfilling the set criteria for mutual growth by contacting us , Just fill in your details in the contact us box and our team would get in touch with you to discuss the opportunity. You can start your futuristic business with smart investment which has high growth potential and sustainable business model.
    2. How will it help scaling up my business?
    The Future world is technology led and when you align your business by becoming a Yagen Partner , this futuristic business model helps you not only scale up your business but opens up opportunities to source business globally.
    3. What infrastructure do I need ?

    Your existing business office operating space is good enough. You can have an  area allotted for Yagen Desk interaction and sales / support team operations.

    4. What support do i get from Yagen Robotics to enhance my network?

    Apart from timely profitable commissions paid we provide the following support:-

    * Yagen Robotics will give a training module with Brochures, PPT for your sales team for effective selling

    * Sales automation one licence would be given for business management

    * Your company logo will be featured in our website

    * Yagen Brand marketing promotions done through social media and in Yagen Robotics website will help enhance the brand which will create opportunities for the YAGEN PARTNER

    * Inter/ intra school / college competitions & national / International competitions would promote winning opportunities for the schools and college students which will further develop success stories creating referral opportunities for the YAGEN PARTNER business expansion