Job Description: 

       At Yagen Robotics, as a Programmer your role involves developing structured code with underlying programming paradigms for educational robotic kits. The approach towards programming must modulate between Imperative and Declarative programming paradigms according to the application. The ideal employee must be familiar about programming embedded systems and understand the integration of a robotics system. 

Educational Qualification Required: Bachelor’s Degree in related fields 

Number of Positions: 1

Experience: Min. experience of 1 YEAR in programming development boards

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Develop structured code for various robotic applications. 

  • Write and deploy Libraries for varying applications to be deployed in custom robotic systems. 

  • Test codes through Arduino IDE in existing models and improve program efficiency by using structures and paradigms. 

  • Deploy code into developed boards under R&D and troubleshoot feasibility of the code with the hardware.  

Desirable Skills: 

  • Knowledge over programming and scripting languages like Embedded C, C++/C# and python. 

  • Good knowledge over concepts like OOPs, Data Structures etc. is essential. 

  • Knowledge over various algorithms and experience with various libraries. 

  • Knowledge over Image processing and Computer vision implementation and algorithms. 

  • Familiarity with classification models and frame works like TensorFlow and Keras. 

  • Familiarity over UART, SPI, I2C, TCP/IP protocols. 

  • Basic understanding of embedded hardware and modular integration of robotic components. 

  • Excellent Communication Skills in English (Both verbal and written) and interpersonal skills. 

Salary: From Rs. 3,60,000/- per annum

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location: Chennai