Job Description: 

       As a PCB designer at Yagen Robotics, your role involves development, build and optimization of PCBs for educational robotics kits involving microcontrollers. Understanding and over designing of schematics, prototyping of PCBs and testing are essential with good knowledge over preferred designing software for development.


Educational Qualification Required: Bachelor’s Degree in Power Electronics, ECE or related fields. 

Number of Positions: 1

Experience: Min. experience of 1 year in developing PCBs involving ATMEGA microcontrollers and Broadcom BCM2711B0 SoCs for development boards. 

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Professional development of schematic design, PCB layout and Multilayer design using CAD in preparing PCB assembly and schematic. 

  • Develop programmable development boards for educational robotics kits. 

  • Create PCB's Footprint as per IPC Standard and create and verify Gerber and OBD++ files for manufacturing. 

  • Produce and update BOM during prototyping and production timeline. 

  • Ability to debug and test PCBs to analyse and resolve design related issues in a timely manner using specialised lap equipment such as oscilloscopes, frequency generators and DC power supply units. 

  • Familiarity over the fabrication process of PCBs. 

  • Analyse and resolve design related issues in a timely manner. 

Desirable Skills: 

  • Knowledge over developing PCBs involving BMS, ATMEGA microcontrollers, ESP32 and Broadcom BCM2711B0 SoCs. 

  • Excellent knowledge over PCB designing software (Eagle). 

  • Ability to upskill and implement new design approaches for various electronic device development. 

  • Good layout development and efficient PCB development for flawless production. 

  • Excellent Communication Skills in English (Both verbal and written) and interpersonal skills. 

Salary: From Rs. 3,00,000/- per annum. 

Job Type: Full-time 

Job Location: Chennai