Job Description:  

At Yagen Robotics, your role as a manufacturing trainee involves learning, understanding and performing manufacturing operations that involves the development of an educational robotics kit. As the right person for the task, the employee would perform critical operations that requires precision and patience throughout the day, handling parts that are pre-engineered and require accurate and steady hands to assemble them.  


Educational Qualification Required:  Diploma in electronics, power electronics, mechanical or related fields.  


Number of Positions: 1  


Experience: Min. experience of 1 YEAR in PCB assembly and battery welding.  


Duties and Responsibilities:  

  • Perform assembly and soldering of printed PCB using provided components with precision. 

  • Maintain an organised and tidy workspace throughout the assembly process. 

  • Examine completed PCBs and maintain tabs on quality during every cycle. 

  • Perform testing over completed PCBs using given testing modules.  

  • Perform battery assembly using spot welding machine within given deadlines. 


Desirable Skills:  

  • Hands-on experience in complex PCB assembly involving more than 20 tiny components.  

  • Experience in spot welding operations (experience in battery assembly would be a bonus). 

  • Ability to perform continuous assembly operations with precision during every cycle. 

  • Good written and communication skills in English. 

  • Ability to maintain records on the manufacturing flow on regular basis. 


Salary: Rs. 1,80,000/- per annum.  


Job Type: Full-time  


Job Location: Chennai.